Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winter's Last Hurrah!

After a rougher than usual winter in the St. Louis area, and a few REALLY nice days just to tease us, Old Man Winter felt the need to give us one last visit.

The temperature was just cold enough to allow the snow to pile up, but still keep the roads safe. The snow only accumulated on the ground, trees and bushes, covering the green grass and delicate blooms that spring had sent only days before.

As I visited Facebook, I read many comments from people who voiced their discontent with the snow. I wholeheartedly agreed that I was DONE with winter. Bring on Spring! BUT, when I made the comment that I thought this snow was "garbage", my wonderful boy warned me that I might regret that statement. He went on to remind me that God does everything for a reason. This snow just might be blessing someone today in a way that we will never know.

Wow. Talk about a paradigm shift. After hearing me say it so many times, it had sunk in his mind, just as I had forgotten it. My entire frame of mind switched and I saw the snow in a whole new light. Yes, I am ready for spring. Yes, I am ready for Eric's baseball practices, Allison's spring play, sitting outside reading and just enjoying the warm sun hit my head.

When I got home, I was able to open the curtains, look out the window and appreciate the beauty of the moment. God was covering my world with a blanket of wet, heavy snow, weighing the branches down and making them droop. It was the kind of snow that sticks to the branches and looks like it belongs on a Christmas card. What?!? Yes, I know it's March -- and the end of it, at that! But I also know that my God works in mysterious ways that I will never fully understand. And I can also take each wondrous moment that He gives me and simply appreciate the moment and what my God can do.

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