Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beautiful smiles.....

We took advantage of our beautiful weather today and went to the park. The park had built a new playground recently and it was our first go at it. And what a playground it was! They had some really neat equipment there that I've never seen on any other playgrounds. It was pretty cool! Eric had a fantastic time and declared it the best day ever! (His one of many.)

Spring Musical!

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade had a Spring Musical this year and it was wonderful! I caught the dress rehearsal and took pictures there. You can see how much fun Eric was having and it was all part of the program! He did great - In fact, they all did!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well, that was worse than we thought........

As many of you know, we are taking Allison on a path that is preparing her for braces. After having five baby teeth pulled at the end of October, we were hoping the worst was over. Not so.

After meeting with the ortho, he requested that we get the last four baby teeth out. He gave us a really detailed X-ray to give to the dentist. They looked at it and said that it should be pretty easy to get them out as the roots were short and deteriorating (as they should).

Today was the day for the first two to be pulled. The bottom molar came out fairly easily. The top one? Not so much. The top molar had a root that went around the side of the primary tooth that should be coming in and it wasn't really noticeable on the X-ray.

Just look at it. It LOOKS painful. It's been almost four hours and she's still bleeding from it.

My poor baby girl.